Last year I followed the course Awareness & Intuition, Coaching from the Heart. In many ways a special experience which showed me my path in life. All this has lead to the start of my own coaching practice “Inner Wisdom Coaching”.

Why did I choose the name Inner Wisdom Coaching? My belief is that everyone deep down knows what’s best for them, what their passion is and how they wish to lead their lives. Everyone has their own ‘Inner Wisdom’. Unfortunately quite often this is not accessible. Several reasons may account for this, for example being too busy to take the time to listen to our hearts or the feeling that we are not allowed to be who we really are.

Life can be compared to a river, flowing, meandering and always finding a way forward. Sometimes, however, the river doesn’t run smoothly or stops altogether and someone’s help is needed to start the flow again.

My wide range of work experience in combination with my life experiences and intuition allows you to be yourself. In a gentle but firm manner I will help you see your own ‘path’, the life you are meant to live. This allows you to see/discover for yourself the obstruction which keeps your life from flowing.

Together we will look for the best way in achieving this. I let my intuition guide me in choosing a coaching method. Some coaching techniques I could use are:

– Sedona (letting go)
– Intuition cards
– Coaching walks
– Scaling

Interested? Please mail me for more information or if you would like to make an appointment.


Soon more information will be available on this website.